Adisa Tinorgahh



Adisa Tinorgah, CEO of Odo Asem (translation: “love stuff”), was raised in Liverpool, Tamale and Accra. She graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and did her internship at Credit Suisse Bank in New York. After three years on Wall Street she decided to move back home to Ghana to set up her own business.

Odo Asem has been in operations for about 5 years. “As far back as I can remember, I have always been the go-to person for all my family and friends whenever the need for a gift or romantic scenario arose. I am always being complimented for giving the best gifts. It dawned on me one day that I could probably translate that skill and passion into a viable business. I thought I will try to transform this talent into a business. I worked tirelessly on the business plan and acquisition of my first batch of stock for seven months before I left my former job on Wall Street and moved back to Ghana. I started small out of my house to keep my overhead costs low and run it out from there for a year. By the grace of our Lord Almighty, It grew nicely and in October 2010, I was able to open up my current location at Abelempke."


"Enablis has made a difference in my business. The networking, resources, time and E-circle meetings which has helped foster relations where I know I have people I can always talk to and share ideas with. Another key area that Enablis has supported my business is through the Enablis international mentoring program with Doron Opher, which continues to drive my progress as I always have a friend to bounce ideas off both business and personal. I am assured of constant encouragement, feedback and support from an experienced business leader. Nearly 5 years on, I have an ever growing portfolio of clients who rely on Odo Asem for all their gift and romance needs. I strive to bring world class customer service to a market that leaves much to be desired in terms of customer service. I have also introduced the convenience of online shopping to many people for the first time. I am working to build Odo Asem into a model business that people can aspire to".

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