Lloyd Kusi



Lloyd Kusi is 27 years old. He is a part owner of Penta foods Limited, a start-up in the production of yogurt. The company has been in operation for two and half years.

The business started after his university education when five graduates waiting to do their national youth service, had a lot of time on their hands, decided to come together to form the company. Eventually two guys pulled out leaving Henry Osei Agyekum, Robertson Aboagye Darko and Lloyd Kusi.

He joined Enablis in March 2013 from the Business Launchpad competition.


"Enablis has been extremely beneficial to our business; it helped us advance our financial intelligent quotient in addition to the exposure and contacts we got during the Business Launchpad competition.

Enablis also helped us to add skin and flesh to bare bones plan. We have really benefited from e- circle meetings. It gives us the opportunity to share and discuss our problems and also acts as a support group. Our business has improved and seen growth since we got engaged with Enablis Ghana. Our sales and revenue keep increasing as we are unable to meet the demand now.

We have plans of expanding to be able to supply all that is demanded."

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