Local Business Launchpad

The Business Launchpad is an annual Enablis event sponsored by Accra Brewery Limited and UT Bank. The Competition aims to create an opportunity for anyone with a business idea or existing business who wants to be guided and mentored in developing a sustainable and profitable business. It is also a way for entrepreneurs who find it difficult to secure conventional commercial funding, to be considered for access to start-up or expansion funding.

During the competition, business workshops are held to equip participants with the essential business skills, knowledge and aptitude to understand and structure the start-up or expansion of their businesses. The training sessions provide participants with hands–on experience and coaching from high level business professionals in Ghana.

Key training areas include: financial management, business strategy, marketing, human resources and legal aspects of a business, negotiation skills, and presentation skills among others. 

The competition process evaluates all the entries and scores them on the basis of their business viability and suitability in terms of the funding criteria of the competition's funding partners. The process of entering the competition often assists the entrepreneurs to refine and focus their business idea, which in itself is a valuable step. 

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